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Municipal Recycling Cans

2012 Brighton, Ontario, Canada

Alexis Turney, Amelie Robertson and Holly Hutchison from Brighton Public School won first place in 2012 for their idea to install recycling bins alongside each garbage can in Brighton to reduce the amount of recyclables going into the local landfill. Winning Team Photo

The group noticed that along the streets of Brighton there were 21 garbage cans but no recycling cans. Their proposal focused on installing recycling cans along the main streets of Brighton to decrease the amount of waste entering the landfill and also reducing the amount of pollution throughout the watershed.

With the funding from Nutrien, as well as local assistance from the Municipality of Brighton and Lower Trent Conservation the group’s proposal was successfully implemented in 2013. The implementation resulted in the installation of ten recycling cans next to the existing garbage cans along the two main streets of Brighton.