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Losing Tides – A Watershed Awareness Dance Show

2017, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hunter Watson and Alyssa Lee from Westwood Collegiate came up with one of the most unique projects seen to date. They chose to look at Watershed Awareness through Dance with spectacular evening including dance, watershed information booths, and guest speakers from watershed community partners.  Losing Tides Watershed Awareness Show Student Project Manitoba

“As students who are very involved in the arts in school and around the community, immediately we were reminded of how often we are told about how much dance can have an impact on people. That thought gave us the idea to create a dance show with every dance revolving around water and our watersheds. The damages we have done to it, the beauty it has, and how important it is to preserve it.

Each dance will have images projected on the screen that will help to enhance the dance and its losing tides watershed awareness show manitobameaning. Some dances will deal with the pollution side to our effect on our watersheds, some will focus on how our watersheds could and should look like all reflecting behind the dancer.

Seeing the issues and solutions through dance, pictures and speakers that can range from high school students to well-known organizations will surely leave an impact on the audience. This is something that has never been done before but we are confident we can do this right.”

This event attracted over 200 participants and ended with a well-deserved standing ovation standing ovation.