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Lighting Our Way to a Greener Future

2021, Cincinnati, OH, USA

The project “Lighting Our Way to a Greener Future” is all about energy conservation. The concern was that the sidewalks and landscaping around Mount Notre Dame High School weren’t well lit, and the school was planning on placing new lights. This group decided to place solar powered lights around the school instead of a standard light, which emits harmful emissions into the environment.

The first step was finding a light that works. Two lights were ordered, and after careful consideration and testing, as well as price comparison, NekTek Solar Powered Lights were chosen. A map was filled out of where lights were needed, and it was decided that a total of 60 lights would be ordered. After ordering the lights, they were put together and registered for a one-year warranty. Using the help of the maintenance crew and Earth Action Team at MND, the lights were placed around the school. In the next several days, the lights were observed, and changes were made based on positioning and exposure to sunlight.

Posters were also created to help spread awareness about the project, as well as encourage MND students that this is something they could easily do at home. This project demonstrated how caring for our watershed can be simple. There are steps that everyone can do in their lives to help. Overall, placing the lights helped reduce the amount of energy used at Mount Notre Dame. This project tackled several Sustainable Development Goals and successfully cared for our watershed.