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2013 Kaniva, Victoria, Australia

Students from Kaniva Community College were finalists in the 2013 Caring for our Watersheds competition, with their proposal of an Environmental Week held at their local school.

The aim of this week was to create awareness within the school of: the amount of power and gas being used, the way people dress to keep warm, people’s habits of opening and closing doors, packaging of lunches, and social issues surrounding technology and being sedentary in the classroom

The student’s idea was to have a different theme on the five different days of the school week.

  • Monday- Walk to School Day (walking school bus)
  • Tuesday- Casual Clothes Day (dress warmly, no heaters used on that day at school, gold coin donation to help purchase the trees for planting)
  • Wednesday- Nude Food Day (no rubbish in the lunch boxes of all students and teachers! This day also included a rubbish pick up during the day.)
  • Thursday- Tree Planting Day (native plants planted around the school grounds to provide habitat for native fauna.)
  • Friday- Minimum Energy Day (at the school and the wider community – no heaters or lights on at the school and an electronic free lunchtime.)