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Eco-Friendly Skin Care Products

2021, Sacramento, CA, USA

Grant High School students Sabela Tekle, Ana Martinez, and Jessica Jimenez are concerned about the harmful ingredients that are added to many cosmetic and skincare products and the effect these additives could have on the environment and long- term health of consumers. They are also concerned about the plastic waste generated by the beauty product industry.

To raise awareness about these issues and provide an alternative for their peers, these students created their own natural face scrub using natural ingredients such as brown sugar for an exfoliant, and provided it in reusable/ recyclable tin jars. They used the products as giveaways in a launch/awareness event at school during which they shared information about harmful additives and plastic use in the beauty industry and alternatives. To reach those not present at school during COVID, they posted on Instagram and shared the link to a webpage that shared more info on their project and product.