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butterfly garden student action villa espil2018 Villa Espil, San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

EES N° 5, Villa Espil, San Andrés de Giles. Students: Mateo Riquelme, Isaias Acosta Teller, Tamara Torres, Candela Carballo

This project is based on the winning project of 2016, Villa Espil, a Garden for Butterflies. It intends to regenerate a biodiversity production space, involving everyone in town, by planting plants that contribute to the return of many butterfly species that today have disappeared due to the lack of environment that favors their development.

butterfly garden student action villa espil

The new proposal is to build a small nursery / laboratory within the school premises in which students can learn with hands-on learning. The aim of the nursery is to learn how to produce native plants that host butterflies, which will be needed in the gardens of the town, and also come in contact with manageable complex biological variables involved in the cycle of reproduction of butterflies related to the native plants of the place.

This project will be completed December 2019.