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Bird Boxes and Benches

Bird boxes student action Chesapeake Bay2019, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Green Club at Ridgley Middle School wanted to build bird boxes and benches to add to a glen area in the school. The students that are involved are Annabelle and Helia. Right now, the glen area is completely unused, not very appealing, and not doing well in terms of health. The students’ goal is to make the glen area alive and healthy again.

Bird boxes student action Chesapeake Bay

Adding bird boxes and benches will benefit this project in many ways. Benches will motivate students, teachers, and other people who come to the school, to go outside and enjoy nature, as they can sit down and take in what they see. People will be more motivated to use the area and want to help make it livelier and more enjoyable, if it is maintained. Making the bird boxes will bring more life and aspects of nature to the school. The bird boxes will bring new plants and animals and will be doing something that improves aspects of nature. One could be air quality. When plants go through photosynthesis, they remove carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the air. That is obviously very beneficial to everyone! Plants also remove other intoxicants like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from air, soil, and water (Environmental Health Perspectives). Currently, there are many toxins in the air, so the final project will do well in removing them.

Bird boxes student action Chesapeake Bay

In conclusion, creating bird boxes and benches to put in the glen area, will benefit the school in so many ways. It will bring in more nature, add color, improve the glen area’s health, and make use of a large space, that currently has no use. The students believe that renovating this area of the school, will promote/ benefit the community in various ways.