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Bee Boxes

2015 Sacramento, California, USA
Students building bee box
As Noah Crockette, Jack Gumbiner, William Neves, and Jacob Reynolds, students at the MET Sacramento High School, researched environmental issues in the agricultural landscape surrounding Sacramento, they became concerned with the threats pollinators were facing. In many places, pollinators, and their essential service of pollination, are at risk from habitat loss, pesticide use, and introduced diseases.  They also found that since the 1990’s, bee biologists started to notice a decline in the abundance and distribution of several wild bumblebee species.  These students decided to focus their efforts on bumblebee conservation by creating habitat for this particular species group.  With Caring for Our Watersheds project funds, they were able to build four bumblebee boxes and install them on a farm located near Dry Creek in the Sacramento River Watershed.