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Ban the Bottle Campaign

2011 Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
Holly Linklater and Callie McLaughlin from Gimli High School had a simple and very achievable goal to ban water bottles at their school:

“Our goal is to be a community where tap water is preferred and used instead of bottled water. We believe that water use and conservation is a vital part of watershed sustainability and that an awareness and appreciation for the quality of water available to us in our watershed is essential to making sustainable choices by all members of our community. We are excited about this project and making it happen to improve water use and reduce plastic pollution in our watershed and community.”

Thanks to a contribution of $2500 from Nutrien, over 500 stainless steel water bottles will be distributed to every student and staff member next year and this year our 64 graduates received them the day of the ceremony so that we wouldn’t have to drink bottled water!
The high school also has signs above the water fountains saying “Water Bottle Refill Station;” in September there will be goose-neck spouts attached to the fountains to make filling the bottles easier. “I know that everyone will get a lot of use out of them and that they will decrease the amount of bottled water our school consumes.