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Awareness Campaign: Use of Agrochemicals

2014, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This project proposes the implementation of an awareness campaign directed at both farmers and the community. The purpose of the campaign is to inform everyone about the benefits and the dangers associated with the use of agrochemicals in food production and residential use.agrochemicals 1

The campaign emphasizes the use of new products that have low environmental impact (green lines) to control pests/disease. In their presentation, the students stressed that choosing “green band” agrochemicals is not much more expensive than using ordinary products, and provide large benefit to the environment.

In their “final year” science fair the students prepared a Caring for our Watersheds stand where they distributed surveys inquiring about the use of chemical products at home, and where these products were stored. The students also distributed an awareness CD to the farmers provided by CIAFA (An Argentine industry Cham of fertilizer and agrochemical).

The overall aim was to raise awareness, and make everyone more conscientious about the use of chemicals at their homes and farms.