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Automatic Rainwater Terrace System
Creating a solution to the blindness of water usage and supply is imperative to saving the watershed and protecting the environment of the future. Molly Bonino of Mount Notre Dame High School focused on utilizing stored rainwater to make a difference in the Little Miami Watershed. To do this, she planned to put her attention to the issue of Ohioans dumping and overusing water and polluting storm drains.

To address this problem, Molly wanted to create an automatic rainwater terrace garden. This structure would be created with a boxed chamber, made of biodegradable plastic, with a soil moisture sensor. The sensor will send an electrical signal through the relays, allowing the box to open and release water for plants.

Conserving rain water and using it for tasks like watering a garden will not only prevent pollution of storm drains, but also positively maintain the growth of vegetation and soil richness. This sort of garden could be implemented at a home or school, starting small then growing in order to create awareness and contribute to the global push for change.