If schools are interested in participating they MUST REGISTER THEIR SCHOOL –

Teacher Training

Training sessions provide teachers with a better understanding of the contest and the local watershed issues. Free watershed resources are available. Contact your local Program Coordinator to arrange for training.

Training Options

  • The Program Coordinator is available to answer any watershed or contest questions. Call for a meeting today!

Teacher Time Commitment

  • This contest can be an after school activity or in-class project
    Student’s success directly relates to teachers assigning the contest and assisting students with their work. Giving students sufficient time to complete the contest assignment is more effective in producing quality projects.
  • Attend teacher training
  • Discuss and assign the contest
    • 30 minutes
  • Assist students with ideas
    • time commitment will vary depending on level of interest of students and teacher
  • Remind students about contest entry deadline
    • initially every other week – 10 minutes times six weeks
    • every week one month prior to deadline – 10 minutes times four weeks
  • Students may want to give a classroom presentation (optional)
    • 5 minute time limit per presentation
  • If your student is selected as a finalist, help prepare them for their verbal presentation
    • up to 2 hours
  • If your student is selected as a finalist, attend verbal competition and awards presentation
    • 4 hours