Project Implementation

Student’s ideas have value and CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS is proud to support them as they turn theoretical ideas into realistic solutions.

All students are encouraged to implement their ideas in their local watersheds.

Nutrien will sponsor one-half of the implementation costs (up to a maximum of $1,000.00) and the classroom is expected to obtain outside funding for the remaining amount.

For example:

  • Cost of Implementation $800 – Nutrien funds $400.
  • Cost of Implementation $2500 – Nutrien funds $1000.

Contract Details

To receive funding for project implementation from CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS, a project description, budget, timeline and proof of sponsorship must be received by the Program Coordinator by September 31 of the year the finalist competed. A contract will be signed by participating students to use the money for the intended purpose.

Contact your local Program Coordinator for more information.