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Rain Gardens

2011 Fort Collins, CO, USA

The Environmental Club is proud to bring to Poudre High School’s campus a rain garden, also called bioremediation garden. A rain garden is a depression that catches rainwater runoff from hard surfaces such as parking lots and roof tops. The plants help improve absorption and filter the water as it soaks into the ground. It is a simple and effective way to reduce the pollution that travels in Stormwater and eventually ends up in our waterways, like the Poudre River. On the surface, a rain garden consists of various plants and grasses that are able to survive in both wet and dry environments. Other materials can be found in the garden as well, such as rocks, mulch, and soil. Here’s why it is useful: as runoff water and precipitation percolate through the rain garden, the plants and natural materials filter out and adsorb to pollutants. As a result, the water that leaving the garden is cleaner, and so are our rivers!

A huge thank you to Nutrien for donating $1,000 to implement this project.