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Energy Efficient Dishwashers

2012 Greeley, Colorado, USA
Lance Mosness Jr. & Philipp Chmura from Union Colony Preparatory High School had the idea to install low energy dishwashers in Greeley, Colorado.
Americans themselves use the most water out of any one in the world. The implementation of this solution was to install two low energy dishwashers into community buildings, such as schools in Greeley. Installing these dishwashers into these areas will lower their water use, thus reducing the overall water use of the Poudre Watershed. Just using a dishwasher is more water efficient than hand washing dishes, but the best solution is installing and using low energy dishwashers.

Implementation Timeline:

  • Summer 2012-Selected and ordered built-In and portable dishwashers ($958.)
  • Fall 2012-Install dishwashers in schools, ($200, donated)
  • Late Fall 2012-Estimate water and cost savings
  • Winter 2012-Media release on the results of our solution

The students’ purchased two energy star dishwashers. During the next two weeks they will be installed at both of the schools. Nutrien donated $958 to implement our project- Thank You!

“Even though our watershed is just a small part of the total water used around our country, a small change here could make a big difference.” – Lance Moseness