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Biodiesel: The Magic Green Bus

2012 Greeley, Colorado, USA
Vanessa Martinez, Jose Martinez & Eric Trujillo from Northridge High School stated “within our watershed there are hundreds of diesel engine buses that transport thousands of students to multiple schools in the Greeley-Evans area. The diesel engines are not only expensive, but are also hazardous because of contaminants they emit into the air of our watershed and environment.”

Thus, their solution is to convert one diesel engine bus into a bio-diesel engine and compare the two. The goal is to show the difference bio-diesel engines can make. It will help make the transportation safer for the children of District 6, and help keep the air cleaner.

The school district was unable to get biodiesel buses because of lack of biodiesel fuel however they are getting energy saving, natural gas-based buses instead which enabled the students to implement their project. We will continue to work with the district to follow up with data comparisons between regular buses and the new natural gas fueled buses. The expected completion date is the spring of 2013.

“We aspire to eventually convert all the buses in our district once we have the effective data needed as reasonable evidence to prove natural gas bus’ better efficiency.”
-The Magic Green Bus Team

The students expressed their appreciation for the support from Nutrien to implement the project, funding from a local natural gas company to purchase the buses, and the district’s willingness to fund the cost of this project to complete it.