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Advertising the Proper Disposal of Mercury Lamps

2012 Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
Lord Selkirk Regional High School student, Kayla Weselowski wanted to create an awareness campaign for the Selkirk, Lockport and St. Andrews area regarding the proper disposal of mercury-containing lights. She felt there was an inadequate amount of information available to the public regarding the safe disposal of these lights as well as the harm that would be caused by simply discarding this hazardous material.

She proposed a simple solution, to produce signs that she would put up in stores directing people to places where these bulbs can be recycled.

The Caring for our Watersheds contest provided Kayla with the funding requested to produce some of these signs.

“I really enjoyed overcoming the challenges that this project presented me with. These included everything from meeting deadlines, to improving my presentation skills. The actual advertising was quite a challenge for me as well, because I had very little experience with that form of art. Another obstacle was avoiding copy protected images; as a result, everything on the posters was self produced. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the independence I had during the entire process. The business aspect of it was also very interesting, and because of this experience I will be pursuing business courses in a post secondary education.”