“This program does something that teachers strive for but rarely achieve: It brings our curriculum to life. And I think you changed lives in the process.” – Sheila Potter, Grade 8 Teacher at Hillcrest Public School, Ontario.

“It was great to see something… that was a very authentic idea being promoted in our building and the learning that came from that project was incredible.” -Gail McDonald, Principal at George Fitton School, Manitoba.

The “Caring for Our Watersheds” project was the perfect opportunity for an educator to build environmental consciousness, promote higher level thinking and a hands-on experience for middle school students.” – Nia Inman, Middle School Teacher at Roots Public Charter School, Washington, DC

“My students participated in the Caring for Our Watersheds Contest last year. This was a great experience for all of us! My students really began to see the connection between what they do and how it can impact their watershed and their environment. A few of my students applied for implementation money and they are implementing their projects this year. I love that this contest gives my students real life experience and empowers them to make changes and improve their local community! I will definitely do this contest this year and look forward to it! Thank you, Nutrien and Center for Land Based Learning for giving us this opportunity.” – Katie Cantrell, Teacher at Antelope High School, Antelope, CA